Welcome to SWDRC

Our Mission

A team of dedicated individuals to support health, education and humanitarian causes.

Our Vision

Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Activities

  • Provide resources to assess the needs of disaster affected areas.
  • Provide immediate and longterm medical services through volunteer healthcare professionals.
  • Assist in rebuilding the infra structures in affected areas.
  • Collection and delivery of relief goods and monetary assistance to the affected people.


  • Provide monetary support for immediate health care needs of deserving individuals.
  • Provide treatment oversight by establishing a second opinion center in USA .
  • Training Pakistani professionals,to improve healthcare delivery through primary prevention.
  • Organize free health camps and screening in Pakistan .
  • Joint ventures with Medical colleges and hospitals to provide free state of the art surgeries to indigent patients.


  • To expand and improve schools for the indigent in Pakistan through cooperation with established educational organizations.
  • Provide leading edge equipment to medical colleges and hospitals in Pakistan
  • Assist medical students and medical graduates from Pakistan to support their training goals.

Our Values

Compassion,Trust, Dedication, Law abiding and follow the provisions of a 501c3 organization.